Mr . Bandaru. Kotinageswararao, ( Electronics & Computer Science, MCA Master of Computer Applications And B.ed Mathematics & Science)

LKR Group of School

He is the respected Principal of LKR Global School. He makes sure everyone is comfortable and feels a sense of positive learning when they step into LKR Global School. He believes success not only comes from studies and academics but also discipline and life skills since, experience and morals are a key factor to do any job.     

Principal sir’s message

Dear Parents,

At LKR GLOBAL SCHOOL, we believe that the child is at the centre of all learning.

Since our existence, we have always been a pioneer and a trend setter in the field of education. We have always been futuristic in our thoughts on education and schooling. Our mission is to prepare students to be future ready. Keeping this in mind, our curriculum is a rich blend of academic sessions, field trips and activities.

We believe in providing a wholesome education that is dynamic and engaging both inside and outside the classroom. The teaching methodologies are varied to suit different learning styles. Hands-on projects, engaging discussions and differentiation in the classroom lead to happy students. The school has an environment that enhances their confidence, stimulates their thinking power and hones their creativity.

The pandemic made us reinvent the teaching learning process. We went online, equipping our teachers to navigate technology with ease. We ensured that the children didn’t miss any aspect of school life. We had academics, assessments and evaluations, activities, events and clubs.

We practise our conviction ‘Every Child Matters’ in letter and spirit, and I welcome you to experience it when you visit our warm and sensitive school environment.