Note From Principal


Our classrooms are brimming with life, creativity and independent thoughts. Students work harmoniously in groups and a culture of mutual respect is fostered among them. We value practical application of concepts, self-analysis and goal-setting as the key features of learning. The school is committed to preparing life-long learners to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

We understand that the energy of our young students needs to be channelized and that personality enhancement & building confidence are important facets of schooling. Our extensive co-curricular program is built to consider talent and interest in different disciplines such as sports, music, dance, aesthetics etc.

We consider parents to be our co-partners in our endeavour to impart good quality education. We encourage participation, feedback and the reinforcement of our school`s ethos at home. If we work together mountains can be moved and momentous miracles are possible.


P. Sanat Kumar

LKR Group Of School, Nandyal