Academic Philosophy

Academics philosophy, The young people of LKR Group of School are encouraged to develop the habits of mind of scholars. To that end, LKR offers a broad, rich and challenging curriculum. The curriculum promotes a strong foundation in, across, between and beyond the academic disciplines, broad exposure to the liberal arts, as well as selective opportunities to pursue individual interests. As students progress through the grades, the programmes become increasingly rigorous, while offering a wide array of electives beyond the core curriculum.

Our collaborative planning and reflection processes for teaching and learning demonstrate our commitment to curricula that are conceptually focused. Our facilitators provide classroom experiences designed to nurture curiosity, stimulate inquiry and breadth of interest, self-expression, joy and aesthetic sensibility. Each learning engagement is carefully designed to encourage our students to explore big ideas in the context of their local communities, as well as the world at large through active collaboration and the exchange of ideas.

Academics at LKR Group of School is demanding, but the culture of the school is also caring and supportive. Students build close personal relationships with their teachers. The environment in the school is one of cooperation and a shared endeavor in the pursuit of learning and growth. Additional support outside of the classroom, as well as personalized teaching within the classroom, is an important element of the LKR culture as teachers recognize their students’ diverse individual needs and learning styles.

Our extensive system of ongoing assessment inform and guide teaching and learning at every step of the learning process. Analysis of assessment data, and action plans developed in the process, are actively implemented to monitor and improve the achievement of learning outcomes. Students are active agents of their own learning, are regularly engaged in self-assessment and peer assessment.
Our academics philosophy also takes cognizance of the fact that all learning must ultimately provoke students to take meaningful action in their own lives and immediate, lived contexts. To this end, we strive to develop academic programmes that help students build enduring skills and frameworks for understanding.