Management Profile

Sri J LakshmiKantha Reddy

He is a well-known academician with 40 years of expertise various educational institutions. Chairman & Founder of JVRR ITI, DEd, Med colleges and schools in Nandyal. He is the torch bearer, the vibrant guiding source of LKR Global school, who has become the voice of learning since four decades. He is committed to the welfare of the students and his work contribution to education has inspired many young souls. He is the person of rational living and high thinking. LKR Global school is a living testimony of his commitment and ideology.

Smt J. Nirmala Devi

Managing director of JVRR Group of Institutions. Who stands as an initiator for progressive education and works equally hard to meet the vision and mission of the school. She believes that the learning should have its impact on child’s personality and his social existence should be the inspiring one. Students of LKR Global school are taught to think out of box by exercising the critical thinking problem solving , group discussion, debates and several activities which give each student exposure to real life situations.

Dr. J. Muralinath Reddy MDS

He is a well-known dentist for the past 10 years. In recent years in advanced countries they have taken more interest in the use of both inquiry and integrative methods to plan and implement engaging curriculum for students. Parallel to this has been a growing emphasis on what is often described as the thinking curriculum. Here in LKR Global school he wants the role of an integrated, inquiry approach as a thinking oriented curriculum.

Dr. P. Kavitha BDS

She is a well-known dentist. According to her, liveliness and vivacity of imagination among the students is possibly only when we have motivating and inspiring teachers, she gives emphasis on the training of the teachers is a lifelong learner hence it is very much essential to provide various kinds of trainings to the teachers in service. She strives hard to have a quality check on the various aspects related to school. For her each and every child is unique and has potential to grow as global leaders, hence as stakeholders should provide them conducive environment.

Mr. J. Kalyan Kumar Reddy

He is and MS in Bio-Medical engineering from USA. He had been in USA for a decade and has plenty of exposure to the education systems in abroad comparatively best practices of learning has been selected by him for the students of LKR Global school. He is keen on continuous monitoring and updating the present systems of imparting education. According to him education should equip the child for multiple patterns of thinking students should have diversified attitude to resolve the situations true education will not let the child go in depression in fact child will find his own ways brilliantly without any support.

Mrs. M. Sindhura

She has completed her MBA in Paris. She is a staunch supporter of ways of enhance students thinking and their understanding is to ensure that we are as explicit as possible through our imparting system. Both the content and the process have been articulated with the local needs of society and students in order to maximize the learning.