A decade and half ago, when we set to bring out The LKR Group of Schooling to Nandayal, we were brimming with enthusiasm and anticipation. We are sure over the years we see number batches of our students to take on the world and begin to look our efforts with sense of satisfaction for having made a difference to the lives our alumni and their families. The objective of ensuring value-based education is imparted without compromising on high academic standards and it has been the predominant motivator over the years and continues to be the bedrock of our school.

Our goal is to make our students responsible, confidant and empowered citizen of the world to best satisfaction of all the stakeholders and no stone will be left unturned in this on-going effort. Daily advancement in our skill sets and deliverables becomes as corollary to the accomplishment of our promises which we endeavour to continue with conviction.

Mr. Lakshmikanth Reddy

LKR Group of School